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Battery recharging times have evolved along with the development of EVs and charging stations, so when you connect your electric vehicle to a charging point the speed at which it will recharge will depend on two factors;

  • the maximum recharge speed of the vehicle's battery; and
  • the power of the recharging station.

The original slow chargers (typically delivering 3kW of electricity) will take 8-10 hours (or over-night) to recharge an EV.

Modern fast and superfast chargers of the type you will see more frequently now on the streets and in recharging stations will recharge an EV in far less time, some charging up to 80% of full charge in less than a hour (subject to the capabilities of the battery and chargepoint).

Recharging Table

We've put together details of the recharge times for new electric cars so you can check how long a charge will take according to the capacity of the battery and the charger.

For our tables we've used manufacturer's data on the recharge time to get the battery to 80% power.

We use the 80% cut-off because EV batteries typically slow down the recharging rate somewhere between 80-90% charged to protect the battery from overcharging.

In addition, an 80% charge will give an EV user the most usuable recharge range for the vehicle relative to the time taken for the charge.

In other words, the time required to get from 80% to 100% battery charge when you're on an EV journey probably isn't worth the extra 20% charge when you could already be on your way again using the 80% charge that's already in the vehicle.

Think of it like brimming the fuel tank of a traditional ICE vehicle.

You could probably refuel a modern car in around 1-2 minutes, but it may take you the same time again going 'stop-start' with the fuel pump to get the tank full to the top of the filler.

Yet that extra fuel probably won't get you much further down the road.

So in our table we show the charge time to 80% of battery capacity as that's likely to be the most time efficient charging of your EV (unless you're leaving it on charge overnight).

Keep Checking Here

Electric vehicle data is still evolving and right now the UK is in the process of switching from NEDC to WLTP as the standard for vehicle fuel and emissions data.

We're updating vehicle data constantly, and particularly in the run up to 1 April 2020 when WLTP will become mandatory as the data standard.

Keep checking back with us if information about a particular vehicle is not yet available.

And if you have WLTP data you can share with us then do get in touch!


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