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If you're looking to find company car benefit or tax rates, reduce your company car tax burden by switching to a hybrid or electric car or just check the tax liability on a company vehicle then we can help.

If this is the first time you've used our Search Engine then take a minute to read the briefing guide below - it will help you get to the right answer. Even if you're a veteran then it may still help you to read the guide again.

Click on the help '?' button at any time for our guide on how to search

Click on the help '?' button at any time for our guide on how to search

    What Does It Do?   

What Does Our Car Benefit and Tax Search Do?

Company Car Benefit and Tax is calculated through a complex set of rules based on the price of the car.

CO2 Output, P11D value and Taxable Percentage all affect the Company Car Benefit and Tax for a vehicle - you can read more about this by clicking here.

Our Company Car Benefit and Tax search will find cars that match your requirements for P11D value, taxable percentage of list price, annual or monthly taxable benefit and annual or monthly tax due.

You can also add specific requirements into your company car search such as body type, engine, fuel and manufacturer/model range, plus minimun standard equipment, fuel economy for ICE cars and battery range or recharge times for hybrid or electric cars.

Just click on the 'Taxation' button to select the type of search you want and on the 'Body/Make', 'Eco' or 'Performance' buttons for the type of car you want to find.

If you just want the Company Car Benefit or Tax for a specific car use our company car tax calculator, or if you need more information on how company car benefit or tax is calculated use our company car tax library.

To see details of the new lower Company Car Benefit rates for electric and hybrid cars from 6 April 2020 click here.

    Getting Started   

How to Start Your Search

To get started with your search click on the 'Taxation' button and choose the type of search you want. You can select from:

  • Company Car Benefit
  • Company Car Tax
  • CO2 Output
  • P11D Value
  • Taxable Percentage of P11D value

When you select a type of search you'l be asked to provide minimum and maximum values for the search.

For example, if you choose 'CO2 Output' then you will be asked for a minimum and maximum vehicle CO2 Output, e.g. Minimum 100 Grammes Per Kilometre ('GP/Km') and Maximum 110 GP/Km.

The wider the gap between the minimum and maximum value the more cars will be displayed in the results, so consider carefully the min/max gap as you may get either too few or too many cars matching your min/max values.

We recommend that you also choose a vehicle body style and possibly also the fuel type and gearbox. If you get more than 10-20 cars in your results, start to add features such as standard equipment or Eco/Performance requirements to reduce the number of matching cars.

To begin your search click on the 'Taxation' button:

Body Style and Make/Model

Click on the 'Body/Make' button below to choose the type of car body you want to look at. As you make your selections you can also select the fuel type, gearbox and manufacturer.

As you make your selections we will automatically filter the results so that the options displayed for each category will filter the available choices for your other selections.

For example, if you select 'Hatchback' for body style and 'Electric' for fuel type then only makers of electric powered hatchbacks will be displayed in the available manufacturers.


If you'd like to include standard equipment in the search then click on the 'Features' button - you can select equipment such as air conditioning, DAB radio and satellite navigation as minimum requirements for your car.


To add environmental requirements to your search click on the 'Eco' button.

You can include the car's CO2 output, RDE2 status, fuel consumption, battery range or recharge time.


You can also check the impact of choosing an 'tax-friendly' car on the car's performance and power.

Click on the 'Performance' button and select any of the performance indicators that interest you - you can choose from engine power (BHP), top speed and acceleration.

We'll also display performance details for each car such as engine configuration (e.g. 4 Cylinder, V6 etc), number of valves and engine torque.


You can also refine your search by choosing cars that meet your requirements for On-The-Road Price.

Click on the 'Price' button to choose the price range for your car search.

If you select leasing or finance then you can make further choices about how long you want to keep the car, plus the finance payment plan and the total mileage you expect to travel (these are all standard requirements for selecting a modern finance plan such as PCP or PCH).

Search Results

When your search results appear you can also display additional information about each car.

For example, if you're looking for battery performance details on hybrid or electric cars, click on the 'Battery' button above the search results and you can display additional information such as:

  • the type of battery
  • the battery cable connector (there's more than one!)
  • whether the battery is sold or leased to you with the vehicle
  • the battery recharge time and recharge rate (percentage and kWatts)

That's It!

If you haven't already made your choices just click on one of the buttons above.


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