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DriveSmart Tax & Finance Library

Our tax and finance library for cars and vans will help you
understand how you can choose the right company vehicle and the
find best method for your business or personal vehicle finance.



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Van Benefit & Tax

If you use a company van for private motoring then you need to read our explanation of the Van Benefit and tax rules.

We explain the taxable benefit for a van and any free private fuel provided, with instant calculators.

Car Benefit & Tax

Need information on company car benefit or taxation?

Our tax library will explain all you need to know about company car benefit and tax with live working examples.

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Business Finance

Need to know how to finance your company cars or vans, or how finance could cost you less than using your business's money?

Then read our guide and follow our simple to use analysers to find out which fleet funding method would be best for your business

Personal Finance

If you don't know your PCP from your PCH or are confused by personal car finance offers then we can help.

Read our guide to personal car finance to find out the best approach for you.

Fuel Benefit & Tax

If you're provided with free fuel for private motoring in a company car then you're liable for the Private Fuel Benefit.

Read our guide to find out the tax implications for you.

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Business Tax Relief

Confused by the business tax relief and VAT rules for cars and vans?

Don't worry, our detailed guides and interactive tax analysers will soon have you maximising your tax relief and recoverable VAT.

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Personal Tax Relief

If you use your own car for your employer's business then you can claim tax relief on your motoring costs such as depreciation, insurance and maintenance.

The rules are simple, so click below to learn how to claim and make sure you're not missing out.

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