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Whatever you need to know about EVs, we've got the details ready and waiting


You can compare running costs instantly for ICE and electric cars and vans with our calculator.

It's ready to go with depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs for petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars calculated side-by-side for you.


Instead of heading to a fuel station for a quick fill-up, electric cars and vans need to be recharged regularly, some for up to 8 hours.

Our guide explains what's involved in recharging an electric car or van, plus we've got battery recharge times and range listed too.

Range And Battery


EVs are a lot simpler than ICE powered vehicles - a typical electric car or van has only around 90% of the mechanical components of a petrol or diesel vehicle, but how does it all work?

Our guide explains the basics about electric cars and electric vans for you.

How Electric Cars Work


EV technology is new, so should you risk buying an EV or let someone else take on the worry about resale values by using leasing or a subscription service instead?

Our guide to financing electric cars and vans covers all you need to know about funding your next EV.

EV Finance

   Cars And Your Money

Whichever new car or van you're considering there's some serious mathematics to be done

Lease Or Buy?

Should you take on the responsibility of ownership or go for car leasing and avoid the risks?

Our lease or buy analyser will show how to finance your new car or van, whether you're funding one car for yourself or an entire fleet for your business.

Running Costs

We've calculated the running costs for over 10,000 new cars and vans to make the numbers easier for you to compare.

Get with side-by-side running cost comparisons for petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars instantly.

Taxes Too!

Over 50% of new cars registered each year go to company car drivers

So we've put together the key tools you'll need to minimise your company car taxes or get the right tax deductions for business motoring.

Company Car Tax

Our Company Car Tax Calculator will tell you the taxes on your next new car instantly.

And we've covered the new 0% rules for electric cars, the winners and losers from the 2020 tax year changes and the 2020 Company Car Benefit tax rules.

Cash Or Company Car?

Thinking about cash or a company car and wondering which would be better for your wallet?

Our PaySwaptm cash or car calculator will work out which route is best, plus we explain how to swap from a company car to cash with PCP finance or car leasing.

Cash Allowance

If you get car allowance we'll

Tax And Your Car

If you use your own car for business motoring then the Tax Office will give you money towards your running costs whether you buy or use car leasing. Here's how to claim tax relief for business motoring.


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Plus CO2 output, fuel consumption, safety, comfort, security and the list goes on and on ...

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We can find a new van to meet your needs for ....

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Plus CO2 output, economy, payload and more

And our van factsheets will give you everything you need to know when choosing a new van.

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Don't know PCP from PCH or depreciation from amortisation?

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If you want to understand car leasing, van leasing or any type of funding for your next new car or van then we've got it all here.

Our complete online car and van finance library has everything you need to know.

We've explained car leasing, business and personal contract purchase, personal contract hire and how to buy, lease or finance a new van.

And in the new era of electric vehicles, we've also covered subscription services for electric cars and vans.

Not only that, we have the most extensive library on company car tax, capital allowances and company van taxation.



Personal Car Leasing & Tax

Company Car Taxes

All about company car benefit and taxes, plus the special rules for electric cars

Personal Tax Relief

How to claim tax relief for business motoring with MAPs and advisory fuel rates

Business Car Finance & Tax

Business Car Leasing

We explain the different business options for car and van finance including leasing and purchase

Value Added Tax

We explain VAT recovery on car leasing, purchasing and vans, plus electric car running costs

Tax Calculators

Car Benefit Calculator

Use our Car Benefit Calculator to check the taxes on your next company car

Capital Allowances

Our Capital Allowances calculator will work out how long it takes to claim for a company car

Private Fuel Benefit

Calculate whether or not private fuel benefit is worthwhile for your company car

Finance & Tax Analysers

Business Lease or Buy

Use our Lease or Buy Calculator to work out the best finance approach for your business

Personal Lease or Buy

Our calculator will make it easy to find the best finance route or your next new car

Cash or Car?

Our Cash or Car calculator will show you whether a company car is still worthwhile as a perk


Here's a little of what we've got to help you find the right car or van finance, or decide on your next company car ...

Car Leasing

Car leasing allows you to get the use of a vehicle without taking ownership of it.

You borrow a vehicle from someone for a fixed period (the 'term') in return for a monthly payment.

During the 'term' the car is still owned by the leasing company and just rented by you.

What's In Car Leasing Rentals?

During the car lease term the rental you pay to the leasing company covers their costs to operate the vehicle, plus a profit too.

In other words, you pay for ...

Read more about car leasing

Company Car Benefit

Company car benefit is used to tax the value to you of having a car provided by your employer.

What's the taxable value of a company car?

You need to multiply the car's List Price by a percentage figure based on the car's Carbon Dioxide ('CO2') emissions.

The higher the combined list price and CO2 emissions of a company car, the higher the annual taxable beneft (and vice versa).

So What Is 'List Price'?

Read more about company cars

Van Leasing

Unlike car leasing (which tends to be based around fixed annual mileages), van leasing is often more complex.

Annual mileages can be a lot less predictable for vans, so instead businesses typically have a choice between finance leasing or contract hire.

What's the Difference?

In a van contract hire agreement you agree a fixed annual mileage for the van and just pay back depreciation according to the forecast mileage, plus interest on the price of the van.

Read more about van leasing

Tax Relief for Private Cars

If you use your own car on travel for your employer you will normally get tax relief on the car's running costs.

If you give up a company car to take a cash allowance you will normally stop paying company car tax and instead pay tax on your cash allowance, but you can then offset some of your car's running costs against tax.

How Is Tax Relief Given?

Tax relief is given through a system called 'MAPs' (HM Revenue & Customs' Mileage Allowance Payments).

Read more about tax relief

Visit The Car And Van Finance and Tax Library





As if all this isn't enough, we've got one more surprise.

If you've been given a lease quote for an electric car or van but you're struggling to understand what it covers and how it works then our DealCrackertm will take your quote and crack the contents in seconds.

DealCrackertm will display the likely vehicle price, finance rate and residual value for any lease or contract hire quote from a dealer or finance company.

Use DealCrackertm to work out where your car or van supplier is making a profit from you, then turn it around to negotiate a better price or finance.

The best news of all? DealCrackertm is free. So why not try it now.



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